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Trial & Triumph: Revelation’s Churches

Project Overview

Dive into the book of Revelation like never before! Introducing "Trial & Triumph: Revelation’s Churches"!

If Jesus were to talk with you about what he sees—inside you, inside your home, inside your church—what would he say? What would he say about your hurts and struggles, about your victories, about your faults and failures? The book of Revelation offers just such insight.

"Trial & Triumph: Revelation’s Churches" will be a major production that will take Jeremy Dehut and our cameras to present-day Turkey to explore the seven churches directly referenced in the book of Revelation. In addition, our team will talk to experts around the world about the impact Revelation should have on the lives of Christians today.

A Bible study guide will be available for this series.

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Pre-production Budget: $7,400
Production Budget: $125,210
Post-production Budget: $60,025
Total Budget: $192,635

2019 Financial Statement