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Our Christian connection to the first-century church

3 Things I Learned About Ancient Turkey

Walking through the tunnel onto the floor of the arena I was noticeably in awe of what was in front of me. The weathered stone stair-stepped up to dizzying heights and I immediately could picture the stands full of people cheering at a gladiator fight below. That was the thought running through my head, in […]
Stuart Peck
December 9, 2020

When Children Read Revelation

“Dad, why did God make Satan?” “Dad, when was God born?” “Dad, what does ‘circumcision’ mean?” “Where was Jesus while he was dead, Dad?” “Hey, Dad? I have a question….” Many of us have learned how to pretend we don’t have questions. We’ve learned to fake it. Or worse still, we actually lose a sense […]
Justin Dobbs
November 28, 2020

The First Key to Revelation: The Overlooked Blessings

When most people hear the name of the New Testament book, “Revelation,” what initially comes to mind are the intense prophetic images, the stern warnings to repent, fiery judgments, and the question of when all those events described will come to pass. One of the least likely things people think about in connection with Revelation […]
Jeremy Dehut
November 19, 2020

Were They Really Different?

Our Christian connection to the first-century church I stare into his lifeless eyes, sizing up his clothes I shift my gaze down to his feet and notice his sandals bound tightly around his ankles and feet. I know nothing about this man’s life except that he’s separated by nearly 2,000 years and more than twice […]
Stuart Peck
November 11, 2020


  Appian Media’s newest series, ‘Searching for a King’, will premiere on January 26, 2019. You can watch the trailer now! The 5-part video series has been 10 months in the making and took our team to sites all over the country of Israel. We explored archeological digs, talked with experts and connected all of it […]
Stuart Peck
November 23, 2018


When the Israelites were preparing to enter the land of Canaan, God explained to Moses what the borders of their promised land would be. In Numbers 34:3 God says “… and your southern border shall run from the end of the Salt Sea on the east.”  
Stuart Peck
June 18, 2018


While present-day Israel looks very different, in many regards, from first century Israel, there is still one practice that has changed little over the millennia. Shepherding is still common in the region and witnessing a shepherd interact with his flock is something that can change your perspective when you read the stories of sheep and […]
Stuart Peck
June 4, 2018


  During the production of Searching for a King, our team has the privilege of meeting a lot of wonderful people. One of those experts that we’ve had the chance to interview is Dr. Scott Stripling, an archeologist with the Associates for Biblical Research.  
Stuart Peck
May 13, 2018