That's a Wrap on Production of 'Searching for a King'!

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We’ve wrapped production on Searching for a King and now it’s time for our team to start the long process of heading home. This time is really bittersweet for us.

We love what we do, have enjoyed the 14 days of producing this series, and enjoy spending the time together as a team.  However, we’re all ready to get home to our families. Really, we have two families. While we call our Appian Media crew a “team”... we’re really more like a “family”.  We get to know each other so well and we care deeply about each other. It really is very hard to split up and go to our homes away from Israel.

Creating Searching for a King has been an incredible experience and we are very excited to share this amazing story with you in the coming months.  Thanks to our very generous donors for supporting us. You make these videos possible and we hope you’re thrilled with your investment. A big THANK YOU to One Boat Rescue Boats, our corporate sponsor.  This great company sees the vision for Appian Media and we’re excited about what the future holds with that partnership.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to follow along with our daily recaps from production, on-location, in Israel.  If you missed any of this content you can find it on our blog or on our Facebook page.

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To leave you… how about a light-hearted look at Israel’s fine cuisines.  Enjoy Appian Media’s final recap of our 2018 trip.