Sounds of the Land

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When you think of video often times we think of the visuals.  Appian Media is all about seeing these amazing places and sharing the lands of the Bible with our viewers, but how often do you think about how sound plays a role in the experience.

“NAT sound” or natural sound is a major component to telling a great story.  Our team is dedicated to immersing the viewer in the places and allowing you to experience everything through the power of visual and audio media.  Whether it’s the sounds of a crowded city street with honking horns, the footsteps of thousands of people, vendors selling their product or a quiet valley with sounds of wind rustling the grass and birds chirping… sound can’t be forgotten.

We use power microphones running into our cameras to capture that sound.  Often times we work hard to dedicate time to just collecting good sound at the end of filming at a location.  Will you notice the various sounds while watching Searching for a King?  Maybe… but you would notice the absence of sound.  It’s just another element of bring this series to life.