Digging Up History at Shiloh

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During the production of Searching for a King, our team has the privilege of meeting a lot of wonderful people. One of those experts that we’ve had the chance to interview is Dr. Scott Stripling, an archeologist with the Associates for Biblical Research.

He spent two days with our crew taking us to some fascinating places including the active dig taking place at Shiloh.

Shiloh is mentioned several times in scripture and is probably best known as the likely location of the tabernacle from the Old Testament. Scott showed Jeremy, Barry and our crew around the site and we spent some time learning the process of excavating and even saw some interesting artifacts come out of the ground while the cameras were rolling! Stay tuned to see what was discovered.

Talking with Scott and other experts in the field of archeology has been a wonderful treat and really helps set apart Searching for a King. Archeology is a fascinating “soft science” as Scott calls his work. The importance and value of learning from our past help in the study of the Bible. Appian Media is excited to share these interviews with you as part of the new series and we hope you will find them helpful once released!