Rigging Vehicles for Filming

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This year our team is taking it up a notch with the travel sequences we’re filming for the Searching for a King series.  We are traveling in several different kinds and styles of vehicles… which means rigging cameras onto the vehicles is a necessity.

We keep a bag of tools that can be used for mounting GoPro cameras to almost any surface.  It’s important that we are able to capture different kinds of shots from both the exterior and interior of our vehicles to help tell the story, get the proper coverage of our talent and provide enough angles for Craig, our editor, to use during the edit. 

We are also very cautious to make sure there are redundant systems that we use to make sure our cameras aren’t lost if they were to come unmounted.  In our case, we use plastic zip ties.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know we’re doing things a little different with this new video series than we did with Following the Messiah.  We think you’ll enjoy this new style and using lots of GoPro angles during our driving scenes will help us to achieve this new look.