Are Your Videos Scripted?

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Almost every time our production travels and offers a live Q&A, invariably someone asks the question, “Do you script your videos?”

We take questions like that as compliments that some people think the delivery of the material has been presented clearly, concisely and in an engaging way. However, a LOT of preparation goes into the process of preparing the content of our videos.

Discovering the main story is a collaborative effort by everyone on the team. What is the main point of the series? What events do we or CAN we cover visually to help tell that story? Once we develop our dream list of locations, Stuart develops storyboards for each episode broken down by scene.

Then both Barry and I go into a months-long process of independent study and research:

  • We read and reread what the Biblical text has to say about a given event to familiarize ourselves with the details of the narrative.
  • We both research archaeological findings, commentaries and current discoveries. There is a large amount of overlap between our research, but generally, Barry’s leads him to more geographical & historical material while mine leans more towards textual analysis and theological themes.
  • Each of us records our research in various ways. I personally save many of my resources on my iPad to keep them ultra-portable so I can have access to them while traveling. I also use a Moleskine journal to organize and record my notes. This year to keep my notes closer to me during filming I have transferred a condensed version of the material into a pocket-sized journal.

Once we’re in country Barry and I typically go over the Biblical narrative together and discuss who would like to share which information while in a particular scene, while Stuart helps guide our delivery to make the content is faithfully covered all while telling the story in a way that is visually engaging!