Appian Media expands team in preparation for July production of Following the Messiah

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Our team is preparing for a July return to Israel to complete Following the Messiah and we have a few new faces joining the ranks. Thanks to the generous donations of all our backers we have been able to add another person to our camera team. In addition, our executive producer will be joining us on-location this year!

Dan Kingsley has been a part of Appian Media since 2016 working primarily behind-the-scenes with the organization to ensure the success of Following the Messiah. He has been to Israel three times and visited other countries connected with the New Testament, including Turkey, Greece, Italy and Jordan. As Appian Media’s executive producer, he plays an integral part in episode development, logistics and Biblical research for our video series. Dan will also be our main stills photographer, while on-location.

Danielle Kaiser joined the Appian Media team in April 2017 as a cinematographer. She will be working alongside her husband, Jet, as well as Craig and Stuart to help film the Following the Messiah series. Dani’s primary responsibilities will be to capture b-roll and timelapses of the various locations. Described as the “B-roll Queen”, her background includes commercials and wedding videography.  

Barry Britnell’s son, Samuel, will join the team in July 2017 as a production assistant. He is a junior, in high school, in Alabama and is interested in video production and animation. Samuel will help support the team in various roles including equipment organization and camera support. Both Dan and Samuel’s travel expenses have been graciously provided by individual donations.  

We’re thrilled to have all three of these individuals join us this year as we work to produce episodes 6-10 of the Following the Messiah series. As Appian Media grows, we need our team to grow so we can continue creating engaging content and make it available on We continue to be humbled by all the support for this project!  

Your donations help to make this Biblically accurate, visually engaging content possible. We encourage you to be a part of this work. Appian Media is a non-profit organization and your generous donations are tax-deductible.


- The Appian Media Team   

Dani Kaiser, Jet Kaiser's wife, will serve as an additional cinematographer

Barry Britnell's son, Samuel, will join the team to help with behind-the-scenes