In February, 2017 Appian Media was approached with the opportunity to share the Following the Messiah video series through an online digital platform called RightNow Media.

Appian Media already has over 50% of its operating budget for this year but we still need your help to make it the rest of the way!  The next 30 days are going to be awesome.  

This past week two of our viewers had the same question about something that was stated in the ‘Following the Messiah’ video series.  The question is in reference to Jesus’ dedication at the temple. We are so grateful and thankful for our viewer’s attention to detail. 

Appian Media releases its first series, Following the Messiah, to the public.  

Indianapolis, IN - This is day one for Appian Media.  We know that so many of you reading this have been following this project for nearly a year, and yet here we are… the true beginning of this amazing journey.

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It’s been nearly five months since the team stepped off the plane in Israel and production began on Appian Media’s very first web series, Following the Messiah.  Since this summer, so many people have asked us about the progress and when we’ll be releasing the episodes.  The wait is almost over and this week we’re announcing the official release date for the series! 

It's been three months since we returned from Israel and post-production began on the first five episodes of "Following the Messiah!" Because of the change in my job situation, I was able to commit these last three months to working almost exclusively towards the goal of having these completed before the beginning of 2017 (several months earlier than we had originally planned). We wanted to provide you with a progress update!

Have you ever been present when a child learns something new for the first time? The light in their eyes sparkles with comprehension, and a crooked smile of awe appears when their mind makes the connection between what they used to know about the world and the new piece of information that just changed everything.

I enjoy studying Biblical Geography. I read books. I study atlases. I rarely get my Bible out without getting a map out as well. Even though I knew where the mountains, rivers and cities were located, I did not understand the land.

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