The Searching for a King video series was in the works for almost six months before any of our team ever stepped foot into Israel.  

Discussions about the look, style, and feel of Searching for a King happen daily, while in the field.  However, it isn’t until our team returns to the hotel, at night, that we really get to see what’s coming out of our cameras.  

After the whole team arrived in Jerusalem from four different US airports, and we had a good night’s sleep, we hit the ground running today. God continues to be wonderful and we are truly blessed during these trips.

Appian Media’s team of 7 traveled over a collective 45,000 miles to get from our homes in the United States to Israel.Our team traveled through Atlanta, Washington DC, Zurich & Paris… all finally arriving in Tel Aviv on May 2nd. Almost 24 hours of travel later we found ourselves laying our very weary heads down to sleep.

To produce a series such as “Following the Messiah”, the entire Appian Media team spent months in research, technical preparation and location coordination. This level of effort is necessary if we are to achieve our goal of being Biblically and historically accurate.

We’re excited to announce a first for Appian Media: ONE Boat Rescue Boats, based in Athens, Alabama, has committed to being a corporate sponsor for Appian Media in 2018 and 2019.

Appian Media is committed to bringing engaging and authentic Biblical media to people all over the world. Since our founding in 2016, our content has been viewed more than 150,000 times across numerous channels in over 50 countries and our first series “Following the Messiah” is now available in multiple languages. It is our privilege to not only fill a growing need for high-caliber Biblical media, but to provide much of it for free, to a worldwide audience. 

How it all began:

When Appian Media first began in 2015, it was an idea born in an Indiana coffee shop by two video producers. Craig Dehut and Stuart Peck felt there was a lack of high-quality video content about the Bible - in a world flooded with visual media. The two started asking what it would take to create high quality, Biblically accurate, and visually engaging videos about the Bible.

Appian Media's first full series 'Following the Messiah' has been completed and now all 10 episodes of this powerful gospel series is available for FREE on an ever-growing variety of online channels. As we look at 2018 and beyond, we are incredibly excited to announce our next project:

Our tiny Appian Media family just finished our nightly meeting reviewing the plans for our final day of production. In some ways it seems like the time has flown by! It was a joy to sit together and remember our previous days of production, the locations, the events, the bloopers…

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